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Even angels drink Barolo


Here is Victoria Beckham in all her glory being celebrated in Hong Kong for her role as UNAIDS Ambassador and her personal commitment in the fight against AIDS. Barolo Boroli accompanied some of the courses of the AmfAR charity gala dinner organized at the Shaw Studios, which saw the participation of celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Adrien Brody, Michelle Rodriguez and Karolina Kurkova. As always, our Barolo was perfectly at ease and received many appreciations, first of all from Victoria herself....

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A very special toast


Also in Hong Kong, Barolo Boroli accompanied some of the courses of the AmfAR gala dinner organized in honour of Victoria Beckham's personal commitment in the fight against AIDS. Thus, even a small contribution by Boroli to an important cause became a pleasant opportunity to drink a toast to the guest of honour together with Adrien Brody, who played some of the most touching movie characters in the last years. Some words about the evening, some information on our wines and many compliments for the quality of our Barolo!...

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Barolo, beauty and a noble cause


Established in 1985, AmfAR is one of the major associations in the world for the fight against AIDS, both in terms of prevention and cure. This was the circumstance that made Barolo Boroli and Heidi Klum meet: the AmfAR Milano gala dinner at La Permanente, during the fashion week. Heidi Klum, beautiful testimonial for AmfAR and our Barolo, the official wine of the evening. Love at first sight, for a cause we embrace deeply....

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Taking a stroll with the legend


Alberto Tomba is an old friend of ours but also a living monument to the Italian spirit. Alberto is pasta, wine, creativity, likableness, seriousness and frivolousness…there is something in everyone that is at the nth power in Alberto Tomba. But as a skier, Alberto Tomba “the Bomb” is simply synonymous with power and style. Nobody else has expressed both qualities at his level. An energy refined over time but never curbed, which has made him a unique champion and an exceptional standard-bearer. Moreover, it is evident that his charm is increasing over time. Maybe this is why at Borioli he reminds us of Barolo!...

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Physique du rôle


Pleasant, unpleasant, introverted, boaster….Gerard Depardieu’s a one-off! He is an icon of French cinema but has worked with all the great masters of Italian cinema. Both beloved and hated by his compatriots, he has always paid his mother country back in its own coin: excessive love and incomprehension. He has always had a good feeling with Italy and loves both French traditional dishes and wines and our cuisine and the large variety and quality of our wines. First of all, Barolo. Therefore, it was no surprise when we had him at Locanda del Pilone not only as a guest but also bustling about in the kitchen, for an unforgettable evening spent with stories, quality food and glasses of the best Barolo Boroli vintages....

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The strength and the beauty


On 9 March, with her victory in the giant slalom Lindsey Vonn won her fourth general World Cup and on 15 March the Super Giant World Cup, after winning well in advance her fifth Downhill World Cup in a row and the Combined World Cup. The results of the season bring the total of her specialty Cups to 12, a record for women ski. She ended the season with 17 podiums (12 victories) and 1,980 overall ranking points, with a new world record in women ski. Therefore, there were many reasons for toasting! It has been a real pleasure to have Lindsay at Castiglione Falletto and spend a wonderful day with her in the vineyard and the winery. …And in the end, a glass of Barolo Boroli to drink a toast to this exceptional season....

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