The first months of the year, dry and mild, favoured early budding as it was 1997.
The rainy June favoured the growth of grapes and vegetation, with higher uniformity in plants and vineyards. The months of July and August, particularly hot and dry and with no botrytis attacks, contributed to speed up ripening.
September was an excellent month, hot and with scarce rain, properly windy, able to favour increase in the sugar level of grapes and reduction in acidity, in particular the malic one.

We can certainly say that the weather favoured late-ripening vines such as nebbiolo for Barolo.

Rainfall 0
Temperature 0

Grape harvest date

In the year, the weather conditions were favourable again. Barolo Villero Boroli, in particular, will bring great satisfaction.

Achille Boroli


The growing season was regular and particularly interesting for nebbiolo and nebbiolo for Barolo.
The sugar content maybe appeared slightly lower, but this is considered a positive characteristic

for long-ageing red wines such as Barolo; of course, the wine evolution can be assessed only at the end of the ageing process. In any case, we expect the wine to have good structure and a very remarkable potential for ageing.


As far as the quantitative level of production is concerned, contrary to the Summer forecasts, there was a reduction of approximately 10%, due to both the drought and the result of the grapes to wine yield ratio.


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