The winter was quite anomalous: November and December with mild temperatures up to 16°C; cold started in early February, with heavy snow and very low temperatures reaching as low as – 15°C.
The spring was cool and rainy and temperatures in May rose (17°C); also June was quite rainy, followed by the beginning of the summer, with temperatures up to 38°C in mid-August. September was regular and the significant daily range of temperatures from early October favoured nebbiolo.

Rainfall 0
Temperature 0

Grape harvest date

In general, the vintage was not abundant though qualitatively excellent, which will allow to obtain very balanced wines.

Achille Boroli


The June rainfall affected blossoming with lower setting (lower number of grapes per bunch on average), that certainly was positive for nebbiolo.
Afterwards, the cycle was regular; from late September

the significant daily ranges of temperature gave very positive qualities and quantities of phenolic substances, which will characterise in particular nebbiolo for Barolo.


The production yield of late-ripening grapes was below the average (approximately -10%).


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