What month is grape harvest?

when to pick grapes

The harvesting of grapes is a topical moment for all winegrowers: understanding what month grapes should be picked is fundamental for quality production, to bring out the full potential of the wine. It is a balance of several factors, a delicate stability between chemistry and tradition, indicators and intuition. ...

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There are many countries outside of Italy with a thirst for  learning about wine, and Barolo fascinates many, both experts and aficionados. During the London stage of our itinerary, we stopped at the Hedonism Wine Club to present our company with a vertical tasting of Barolo, Barolo Cerequio and Barolo Villero vintages from 2004 to 2012. Last but not least, Boroli’s latest offspring was presented - Barolo Brunella 2013, the very first product of the cru of the same name in history, now a Boroli family monopole. Acting as our guide to London’s wine scene was Jancis Robinson and her fantastic wine bar, “The Quality Chop House”....

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