Barolo Villero Riserva 2006

The Barolo Villero Riserva, in particular of the year 2006, completed its production thanks to the very robust lands that have absorbed the heavy rains of recent months. The result is a full-bodied wine, rich in aromas and fragrances, from flowers to red fruits to leather.

Barolo Villero 2006

Barolo Villero 2006 is a testament to oenological elegance and complexity. This wine, produced in the prestigious Langhe region, with its intense ruby color, offers a bouquet of complex and well-structured aromas.

Barolo Cerequio 2006

Barolo Cerequio 2006 is like a symphony composed by the vineyards of the Langhe, a melody of elegance and refinement. This wine is an unforgettable tasting, a journey into the flavors and scents of Italy.

Barolo 2006

Barolo 2006, a wine that immediately catches the eye with its deep ruby color and intense aroma. The structure is impressive, with well integrated tannins that give the wine a silky feel in the mouth.