All the magic of the Langa

Our wines are the highest expression of the philosophy of our job: quality with no compromises. At Boroli, we believe that a great wine is the result of a great vineyard and a great terroir. This is why we have followed our passion for Barolo, the highest expression of Langa wines. We have always put together microvinification of our “crus” with Barolo DOCG, starting from the “Villero” and “Cerequio” vineyards. Our wines come from the Langa tradition

both in vineyards and wineries, but, in both the production stages, they draw further strength from the continuous experimentation  of innovative contributions, all aimed at an almost obsessive achievement of extreme quality. Our customers’ satisfaction, even more than the gratifying reviews by the specialized press and the most important Guides in the world, confirms that we have taken the right path and spurs us to do our best in vineyards and wineries.

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