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Brunella is a prestigious Cru of Barolo exclusively owned by the Boroli family. The vineyard is located in the territory of Castiglione Falletto, situated in the land at the westernmost point of the ridge facing the town. The name “Brunella” is unique and has identified this place for over 450 years.
It’s one of the oldest names in the Langhe region indicating a well-defined area dedicated to viticulture. Typically, most areas that precisely designate vineyards occupy a specific hillside, while Brunella extends over the entire oval-shaped hill on a descending stretch of land. Nebbiolo vines form an elongated ring around the hill. Barolo Brunella represents the ultimate expression of Achille Boroli’s vision of Barolo. It is the flagship wine of the company.

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The Barolo Brunella harvest takes place around mid-October and is carried out entirely by hand, with grapes collected in small crates.
The vineyards are divided into micro-parcels based on the ripeness of the clusters. Separate harvests are conducted while always maintaining perfect uniformity of the grapes. This allows for the production of multiple varieties for each parcel.

This separation is maintained throughout the vinification and aging process. In stainless steel tanks, the fermentation of all the micro-cuvées occurs first, followed by submerged cap maceration: the grape skins are kept submerged at about 40-50 cm, at a controlled temperature for a medium to long period, up to 30 days.

After at least 18 months of aging in wood, the different micro-cuvées are expertly blended.
In the months of June and July, the wine is bottled, where it remains until the following year before being released to the market.


Brunella Cru

Brunella is the exclusive property of the Boroli cellar. It’s a historic vineyard that has been mentioned since the 1600s and surrounds the Cascina Brunella, located at the western end of the Villero subzone in Castiglione Falletto. The vineyard is predominantly exposed to the south/southwest and east, with a soil composition predominantly clay and calcareous with veins of sand. The Barolo production is extraordinary: a perfect mix of elegance and structure, with particularly wide and persistent aromas.

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Brunella, a historic vineyard dating back to the 1600s, surrounds Cascina Brunella in the western edge of the Villero subzone in Castiglione Falletto.

Boroli exclusively owns the Brunella cru vineyards. The vineyard is south/southwest-facing, with predominantly clay-limestone soil, complemented by sandy veins.

The resulting Barolo is extraordinary, offering a perfect blend of elegance and structure, with exceptionally broad and persistent aromas.