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Villero is undoubtedly one of the most important vineyards in Castiglione Falletto in terms of quality and exposure.
The soil is clayey and calcareous, with a south and southwest exposure. The combination of exposure and soil give us a structured and powerful Barolo, with a deep aromatic profile. The tannins are smooth and soft, thanks to long maceration.
Barolo Villero is a long-lasting wine, capable of reaching its full potential even many years after the harvest.

First vintage



The Villero harvest takes place around mid-October and is carried out entirely by hand, with grapes collected in small crates.
The vineyards are divided into micro-parcels based on the ripeness of the clusters. Separate harvests are conducted while always maintaining perfect uniformity of the grapes. This allows for the production of multiple cuvées (varieties) for each parcel.

This separation is maintained throughout the vinification and aging process. In stainless steel tanks, the fermentation of all the micro-cuvées occurs first, followed by submerged cap maceration: the grape skins are kept submerged at about 40-50 cm, at a controlled temperature for a medium to long period, up to 30 days.
After at least 18 months of aging in wood, the different micro-cuvées are expertly blended. In the months of June and July, the wine is bottled, where it remains until the following year before being released to the market.


Villero Cru

Villero is a historic vineyard (already classified as a first-category cru), with a south/southwest exposure; it is located in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto at an altitude of 280-300 meters. The soil is composed of a marly-clay-silty substrate, about one meter deep on marl, which retains moisture well.
The result is a Barolo of great longevity, very classic, with perfect tannins, structure, and balance.

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Come and discover the enchantment of Barolo Villerio.

The vineyards of the Villerio cru, exclusively owned by Boroli, are a historical treasure located in Castiglione Falletto.

The south/southwest exposure, clay-limestone soil with sandy veins create an extraordinary Barolo, a perfect blend of elegance and structure, with generous and persistent aromas.

A unique experience to savor.