Barolo Villero 2014

Barolo Villero 2014 is a wine of delicate elegance. With its soft ruby color, it presents a delicate bouquet, featuring notes of fresh strawberry, rose petals, and a hint of mint. On the palate, it offers a light structure with finely interwoven tannins and flavors that evoke crisp red fruit and a touch of herbal […]

Barolo Cerequio 2014

Barolo Cerequio 2014 is a delicate dance of elegance. Its soft ruby color unveils a bouquet of delicate fragrances, including fresh strawberries, rose petals, and subtle hints of aromatic herbs. It’s a vintage that shines with its refinement and discreet grace. This Barolo is an example of how the 2014 vintage has brought forth a […]

Barolo Brunella 2014

Barolo Brunella 2014 is a dance of delicate elegance. Its soft ruby color reveals a fragrance of fresh strawberry, rose petals, and a touch of vanilla. It’s a vintage that stands out for its refinement and grace. On the palate, the structure is light but well-defined, with finely interwoven tannins that reveal a freshness coherent […]

Barolo 2014

Barolo 2014 is a wine distinguished by its freshness and balance. With a luminous ruby color, it presents a bouquet of delicate aromas of sour cherry, rose, and thyme. In the mouth, it offers a well-balanced structure with light tannins and a complexity of flavors ranging from red fruit to aromatic herbs, with a clean […]