Our wines are the highest expression of the philosophy of our job: quality with no compromises. At Boroli, we believe that a great wine is the result of a great vineyard and a great terroir. This is why…




The vineyards of Nebbiolo for Barolo are located in the territory of 3 classic towns: Castiglione Falletto (Cascina La Brunella), Barolo (Borgata Cerequio) and La Morra (Cascina Sorello). The vineyards are…


Culture and Wine: so many things in common, starting from quality. Total and constant quality, without any compromise.

Achille Boroli




    From Alba to Monforte, from Grinzane to Castiglione Falletto, from La Morra to Dogliani, what at first sight may seem simply a constellation of castles and small villages over a sky of vineyards is actually an entire universe, intimate and reserved just like the character of its inhabitants.

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    Barolo is the king of wines, but as far as cuisine is concerned, the title goes to the Tuber Magnatum Pico, better known as Alba White Truffle or trifola. Perhaps, the elders used to put some truffle slices into Barolo to celebrate this union: an unusual and extraordinary combination! It is a real…

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    Being reserved does not mean being inhospitable, quite the opposite. What allowed the Langhe to recover from a difficult past has been precisely the solidarity and innate hospitality of its people. In the Langa, we usually say “Knock, say “friend” and the door will be opened to you.” This philosophy converts the winter mist into a warm blanket and the land into thousands of specialties to be tasted at a sumptuously laid table...

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  • Even angels drink Barolo

    Here is Victoria Beckham in all her glory being celebrated in Hong Kong for her role as UNAIDS Ambassador and her personal commitment in the fight against AIDS. Barolo...

  • A very special toast

    Also in Hong Kong, Barolo Boroli accompanied some of the courses of the AmfAR gala dinner organized in honour of Victoria Beckham’s personal commitment in the fi...

  • Barolo, beauty and a noble cause

    Established in 1985, AmfAR is one of the major associations in the world for the fight against AIDS, both in terms of prevention and cure. This was the circumstance th...

  • Taking a stroll with the legend

    Alberto Tomba is an old friend of ours but also a living monument to the Italian spirit. Alberto is pasta, wine, creativity, likableness, seriousness and frivolousness...

  • Physique du rôle

    Pleasant, unpleasant, introverted, boaster….Gerard Depardieu’s a one-off! He is an icon of French cinema but has worked with all the great masters of Italian cinem...

  • The strength and the beauty

    On 9 March, with her victory in the giant slalom Lindsey Vonn won her fourth general World Cup and on 15 March the Super Giant World Cup, after winning well in advance...



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