Cerequio Barolo

The 2017 Ba&Ba (Barolo & Barbaresco) brought a new, international air to the event, which took place over two days and also involved the producers of  Barolo Cerequio.

On Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 8 expert international sommeliers were welcomed by the Barolo cru producers (Achille Boroli, Roberto Voerzio, Michele Chiarlo, Batasiolo and Damilano), who led them on a day of discovery of Cerequio in all its facets.

We had the pleasure of accompanying our guests through a vertical and horizontal tasting of the 20 Barolo Cerequio labels, from 1994 to the 2013 preview.

Our thanks go to our guests, Walter Speller, Ronan Sayburn, Ronald Opten, Seiji Abe, Carsten Cesar, Matteo Zappile, Eugen F. V. Lamprecht, Gerhard Retter and to AIS Piedmont.