The brigade sommelier – Marco Loddo interview

The brigade sommelier – Marco Loddo interview

Today Marco Loddo, sommelier at Locanda del Pilone, shares his story with us.


What studies and experience did you bring with you to this role within the Locanda?

Since I was young I always had a big interest in the world of wine, but it was only a few years ago that I was able to fit a sommelier course into my schedule.

After which, I had a few experiences in Sardinia, and I happened upon Locanda by accident.


How many years have you been part of the “brigata?”

Four years.

The Locanda boasts of a selection of wine that has over 1400 labels, what can you tell us about this collection? What is the selection criteria used in the selection of wines?

By now we have almost reached 1600 labels… it is certainly a tidy job keeping such a rich and active wine card alive.

But I am fortunate enough to meet with Sofia about the choice of wines to buy and we always try to give priority to the best from Piedmont but also to the most important areas in the wine world, such as Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne, without forgetting everything that the ‘new world’ offers.


Let’s focus on the world of Boroli. Having to choose between the Chardonnay Bel Amì or one of the four Barolo (Classico, Cerequio, Villero or Brunella), which would you pick and why? 

Without doubt the Villero, one of my favourite cru because it has everything: fruit, power and elegance.