2023 wine fairs you can’t miss in Europe

Fiere enologiche 2023

With the beginning of the new year, a new season also begins for our greatest passion: wine. The wine fairs in the world go from Paris to Florence, from Milan to Düsseldorf allowing the best producers on the market to compete in an international theater of discoveries and flavors. There are plenty of opportunities that allow enthusiasts and producers to meet in the most evocative settings to taste and let themselves be carried away by the history of the brands. These events are the perfect opportunity for wine lovers to discover the finest producers or the best bottles for special occasions, all in a context of tasting experiences within everyone’s reach. Let us take you around the globe through the 2023 wine fairs that will accompany us throughout the year.

Wine fairs in Italy in 2023

Within the framework of the great winemaking tradition, Italy promises to confirm its role of international excellence, placing itself as a touchpoint not only for the production but also for the promotion of the best bottles in the world. So let’s find out all the dates to mark down and the cities that will host the most important events dedicated to flavor and the great passion for wine.

  • In Emilia Romagna, in February, the Slow Wine Fair is held every year, an excellent opportunity to taste the most famous labels of Italy and the world.
  • In March, the city of Trento sets up once again Vinifera, an event where tasting and purchasing are combined in one space.
  • Once in April, however, the main event of local winemaking begins. In fact, April starts with the most famous wine fair in Italy, where national and international producers set up a moment of celebration and great tasting: Vinitaly. In Verona, as every year, the international exhibition of wines and spirits takes place, where you can move between international productions, organic wines, tastings, mixology, technology and design in the world of wine in a varied and immense scenario.

There are many wine fairs in 2023 in Italy to get to know the world of oenology and all the great Italian and international workers who will enrich our tables and beyond, and just as much the desire to immerse yourself in all these spaces full of expectations and flavors to discover.

Meet Boroli at Vinitaly 2023

Among the great 2023 wine fairs, Verona and Vinitaly stand out as the undisputed protagonists of the experiences that can be made in our country. Vinitaly, which returns with the fifty-fifth edition, confirms the great goals of the previous one and promises a program full of discoveries, proposing a complex of seven pavilions among which the entire fair is divided. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to organize their own tasting experience through spaces dedicated to the most varied aspects of the wine and liqueur universe, where the best labels will show off their flavors and traditions. A great opportunity to participate in dedicated conferences and moments of great sharing with enthusiasts and experts of the field. Boroli will also take part in this Vinitaly 2023, at which it will participate with its history and excellent products, in order to narrate a tradition full of passion and expertise that can be recognized in every sip. Boroli will bring all of its best productions, to be able to compete in an environment full of stimuli with all the other great flavors on display.

Come and visit us from 2 to 5 April to personally taste our wines. Boroli will be the guest and star of Hall 10, with a stand – number 3 – ready to welcome and entertain you. See you in Verona!

Wine fairs in the world

Wine is a passion that unites not only the experts of Italy but involves great wineries and enthusiasts from all over the world. For this reason, wine fairs in the world are held all year round and cross the globe in the name of a varied and nuanced curiosity. This is a list of the 2023 wine fairs that could be of interest to all those who would like to experience the international wine scene and discover realities – and vineyards – that will conquer the market (and their taste buds).

  • We point out, in February, the Wine Paris & Vinexpo, the Parisian fair that every year allows producers from all over the world to enter the French winemaking tradition, where the centrality of the big brands does not take away space from local producers.
  • Among the wine fairs in the world, however, the one that stands out in terms of participants and size is Prowein, an event that is based in Düsseldorf and attracts all the most renowned labels and the most important entrepreneurs to Germany, in a panorama that involves the largest and most famous wineries. This is a stimulating environment for all those who are passionate about wines and spirits. An opportunity that no connoisseur should pass up!
  • The international fairs continue until May, where the London Wine Fair colors the streets of the English capital with all the best wine brands.

There are many opportunities to go abroad and experience an international scene full of great choices.

Prowein 2023: the most important german trade fair for wines and spirits

Among the wine fairs beyond the Italian borders, the one that stands out the most in terms of participants and size is certainly Prowein. The event, which is based in Düsseldorf, attracts the most interesting protagonists of the international wine scene to Germany every year. The fair is recognized as the world’s most renowned platform for the wine and spirits industry, with nearly seven thousand exhibitors from over sixty countries. Certainly an unmissable event, where it will also be possible to have a taste of the whole range of fine wines in a panorama of choice from all over the world. But that’s not all, because our products will also be present at ProWein 2023. Boroli reaffirms its presence on the international market with the participation at the most important event dedicated to wine. The entire stand 15A61 in Hall 15 at the Düsseldorf fair will offer all the careful selection of labels with typically territorial flavors, so as to bring a bit of the heritage of the Langhe region and the renowned local winemaking tradition into a stimulating space full of opportunities. ProWein will be one of the 2023 wine fairs in which Boroli will participate with its rich and recognizable history in every aroma and nuance. An appointment not to be missed made even more memorable by the presence of an Italian excellence.


The Boroli cellars, located in Castiglione Falletto, are the perfect place to experience the magical territory of the Langhe through tasting experiences and to enjoy an unforgettable experience of discovery and great wine.

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