What is the best wine for a Christmas gift?

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December is close; the first Christmas lights are being lit up and with them, a great doubt arises: what is the best wine for a Christmas gift?

A bottle of wine is always a great gift, for several reasons, one above all: versatility. There are wines literally for all budgets, suitable both for more modest presents and important ones; there is a boundless oenological panorama to explore, from white to red, from raisins to “meditation wines” – a good wine never bores. It has no size or expiration date, it is a gift that expresses elegance and refinement. It also adapts to the context, to the degree of closeness to the recipient: on the one hand, there are wines perfect for a more superficial bond but not for this reason less important, on the other we can strike at the center of the more specific and characteristic tastes of those to whom we want to buy a gift – remembering someone’s favorite wine is in itself a gesture that expresses care and attention. In this article, we want to collect tips and suggestions on the perfect Christmas gift, explore the theme and answer the most common questions: is wine an acceptable Christmas gift? Is it better to give red or white wine? One or more bottles? What to give to a person who loves wine?

Is wine an acceptable Christmas gift? The handbook to making a good impression

Wine appears to be one of the most appreciated gifts all over the world: giving wine as a Christmas gift is a great choice if you do not want to risk being banal. Let’s think of the great classics, the prestige of DOCG labels, or the vintage wines in elegant wooden gift boxes. Wine strongly recalls conviviality, and conveys the pleasure of being together and sharing the taste for good things. It is a hymn to the necessary slowness to fully savor tastes and emotions, a story that encapsulates traditions and territories in a sip – the details that make the difference. 

The possibilities are so vast that it is not always easy to approach oenological products and find the perfect gift at first glance. So let’s discover the golden rules to make a good impression on every occasion.

How many bottles of wine should you give as a present?

We’re in a wine shop, a cellar, in front of a full shelf. Here is one of the first questions to be answered: how many bottles of wine do you usually give as a present? The solution is the same as for the big questions: it depends. We could say one, two, or a maximum of three, to start having an idea.

The amount we want to spend is one of the main indicators to keep in mind. Often a bottle of wine is more than enough and there are some of great value and refinement: think for example about the classic Italian wines –  liquid jewels kept in the geometry of a bottle and stored in a wooden treasure chest. In this case, to be safe it is best to be sure of the recipient’s preferences (we can also consider a magnum format!). Opting for two bottles can be an excellent solution especially if we are not very sure of the tastes of the other person – it could be a good idea to choose a white and red wine, or two versions of the same type of wine or two bottles coming from the same winery, to give coherence to our gift. It is good to consider that two bottles, three at most, are ideal if you expect them to be offered to guests during dinner. If we are looking for the best wine to give at Christmas, remember that this is the most suitable time to find boxes of selected bottles and gift boxes that satisfy every taste.

What does it mean to give wine as a gift?

From red to white, from sparkling wines to raisins, it is interesting to discover what it means to give wine as a gift. Wine has always belonged to the royal and divine sphere, a symbol of prestige, refinement and uniqueness. An incredibly modern gift and at the same time cloaked in classicism, in contrast with the customs of the consumer society. The “drink of the gods” represents from the beginning of the wine culture the highest of values: history, respect for nature, tradition – pleasure as a virtue. Giving a bottle of wine to a girl, a friend, a colleague, a family member means sharing and recognizing these same values in the other. Uniqueness, integrity and sophistication accompany every good bottle like a greeting card.

Here are the best wines to give at Christmas

Given that the best criteria to identify the perfect gift is precisely the preferences and tastes of the recipient, there are some bottles that more than others dialogue with the festive atmosphere. Among the best wines to give at Christmas, there are certainly the classic and always appreciated sparkling wines: they immediately remind us of the celebrations, call for a toast and are a symbol of good wishes and sharing. For a refined palate and to warm up winter evenings, a well-structured red is a refined and classy choice. If you are wondering what wine should be given to make a good impression, here is a suggestion: an important red wine like Barolo reminds us of Christmas and matches the dishes of the great holidays: it is in itself an occasion to celebrate.

Boroli, exclusively for the visitors to its cellar, offers a unique gift of its kind, not only bottles but a real “Wine Idea”. It is a set of six labels that trace six fundamental stages of Boroli’s journey through wine excellence. A choral story that embraces terrain, experiences and thought – our point of view, the genesis of an excellent wine. Wine Idea is the perfect gift for a Barolo connoisseur, in all its majestic shades.

What to give to a person who loves wine?

Once we have explored the panorama of gift ideas, we move on to a situation that can be particularly challenging: what to give to a person who loves wine?

When dealing with a connoisseur, choosing the perfect bottle becomes more complicated: tastes are more trained and preferences are more marked. In this case, information about their favorite bottles and cellars is more valuable than ever. In general, the great classics of the Italian oenological tradition are a choice that hardly disappoints an expert palate.

As an alternative we can choose some of the most loved accessories for wine lovers:

  • a chiller to serve white and red wines always at the perfect temperature;
  • a wine journal (the tasting diary) to keep track of the tastings that leave their mark;
  • a bottle holder;
  • a wine cooler to store the best bottles;
  • an accessory kit complete with a bottle opener, capsule cutter, corks and pourer;
  • a wine-themed book. 

When we ask ourselves what is the best wine for a Christmas gift, it is fundamental to remember that wine is an experience made up of rituals, senses and culture. A gift of enormous value, enclosed in the volume of a bottle.


The Boroli cellars, located in Castiglione Falletto, are the perfect place to experience the magical territory of the Langhe through tasting experiences and to enjoy an unforgettable experience of discovery and great wine.

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