Barolo Brunella 2019 among Luca Gardini’s highest ranking wines

Among the numerous rankings in which Boroli is among the award winning wines, there are some that take on a particular meaning both for the prestige they bring with them, and for the history and the path taken by the brand to achieve recognition from these excellences. After multiple highly appreciated wines that had only almost touched the highest marks, with Barolo Brunella 2019 Boroli managed to conquer the top of the rankings of the best wines but also the appreciation of the most famous Italian sommelier, recognized as the best wine critic in the world in 2022 by BWW: Luca Gardini. In fact, after the great appreciation already shown for our products – such as the 2019 Barolo DOCG Cerequio, which reached a score of ninety-nine – the sommelier loved the 2019 Barolo Brunella so much that he gave it the maximum score, a 110 cum laude (the highest possible grade) that reaffirms the excellence to which our products aspire and which they achieve with commitment and passion.

Luca Gardini and his respected wine ratings

Luca Gardini is a wine critic and sommelier who has distinguished himself over the years for his brilliant and precocious career, which begins at a young age and crosses the most important realities of Italy until being internationally recognized. Gardini’s journey begins at one of the greatest local excellences, “Enoteca Pinchiorri”, a venue with three Michelin stars and where he was able to immediately demonstrate his outstanding skills, to then move on to a collaboration that will last approximately eight years with Carlo Cracco’s two Michelin star restaurant. He then left the role of restaurant sommelier to devote himself exclusively to communicating the wine world, becoming the first Italian included in the Wine Searcher list of critics. There are numerous collaborations that he has established over the years: first of all with the Italian magazine Gazzetta dello Sport and then for various publications, such as the “Encyclopedia of wine” and “The best wines and winemakers of Italy”, with Luciano Ferraro. In addition to participating in numerous national and international events, Gardini has formulated the so-called “Gardini Code”, a manual designed for wine lovers and which allows even the less experienced to access the world of oenology in simple language. Many awards have been obtained all over the world, but he is famous above all with the name of Wine Killer for the report cards that he publishes every week on his Instagram account and through which he evaluates the most famous wines in the world, underlining their characteristics and merits in an understandable way for everyone. And Boroli, in addition to having been present on several occasions in this prestigious column, now occupies one of the highest points.

Award-winning Piedmontese wines: Barolo Brunella among the favourites

Piedmont represents one of the world’s excellences in terms of wine. Among Langhe, Roero and other lesser known locations, it is the ideal region above all for the production of red wines that are rich in structure and history. The award-winning wines of these territories are multiple and are characterized precisely by the particular quality and tradition used to obtain enviable products. The maximum expression of this excellence is the Barolo – a wine produced exclusively using Nebbiolo grapes in certain lands in the Langhe that include Barolo, Castiglione Falletto and a few others – which brings with it a century-old history and which remains among the most appreciated wines not only in Italy but all over the world. Or Barbera, a very versatile vine that produces numerous high-level wines such as the Barbera d’Asti or the Barbera d’Alba. The flavors of these products tell us about wonderful lands, where wine is produced with the irreplaceable passion that is handed down from generation to generation. Among the award-winning Piedmontese wines, we are proud to consider ourselves an excellence recognized by various realities in the wine world. Just think of the Barolo DOCG Villero by Boroli, whose votes in the main magazines that deal with evaluating wines never fall below ninety-two, or the Barolo DOCG Classico, appreciated by all those who have had the opportunity to try it. And again to Barolo Brunella, which thanks to the 2019 vintage has managed to conquer not only Luca Gardini but also numerous other reviewers and experts.

The most awarded red wines of 2022

2022 has been an opportunity to taste fine bottles, with strong flavors and refined scents. Like time capsules, these bottles have allowed us to evaluate previous vintages, discovering stories and territories that have released an unexpected symphony of tastes. Among the award-winning red wines that have enjoyed generous success there are undoubtedly numerous bottles from 2016 but also unexpected discoveries that have brought with them a wave of history and perceptions since 2019. The Langhe Nebbiolo 2019 from the Boroli cellars is precisely from that year, an excellent example that responds to a particularly profitable year, where rainfall and temperature remained slightly above average, allowing optimal production and which has already yielded its much appreciated results. Leaving the world of Boroli wines for a moment, the Barbaresco Muncagota Riserva 2017 also enjoyed considerable success on the international scene, bringing home excellent evaluations. The Barolo DOCG Brunella 2017 from our cellar is another product that not only satisfies the palate and the nose but which ranks among the most appreciated wines thanks to the shades and flavors that are striking for their depth. There are many bottles that bring with them the whole history of a territory, all to be discovered and tasted.

All Boroli wines awarded by Luca Gardini

Not only Barolo Brunella 2019 among the wines awarded by Luca Gardini; many other bottles from the Boroli cellars are included in the sommelier’s notebooks. In fact, if Brunella has managed to achieve excellence and score the highest mark with honors, there are other wines that got close to the top. The first to mention is undoubtedly the Barolo DOCG Brunella 2017, a vintage wine that anticipates that of 2019 and obtained a score of 98+. A wine that already hinted at the qualities of the following bottles by communicating a precise idea that persists with a decisive and flavory fruity aftertaste. Then we have the Barolo DOCG Cerequio, which earned a score of 99 thanks to its marked and territorial imprint. The 2019 Barolo DOCG is just below the last two, totaling a 96+ and making itself known for its undoubted qualities, including the flavor that recalls berries and an aftertaste that keeps the tannic experience unchanged. These are some of Boroli’s products that not only represent a history of excellence and territorial imprint but demonstrate the constant presence of our labels among the best awarded wines.


The Boroli cellars, located in Castiglione Falletto, are the perfect place to experience the magical territory of the Langhe through tasting experiences and to enjoy an unforgettable experience of discovery and great wine.

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