Wine tasting in Piedmont: perfect Christmas present for wine lovers

Red wine Boroli tasting as a Christmas gift

Christmas is around the corner and it will bring with itself the much-awaited winter holidays, together with a cumbersome thought: presents. Choosing a wine tasting as a present is, without any doubt, a safe choice to spare you afternoons wandering in the city center looking at shopping windows. A wine tasting in Piedmont is, therefore, the perfect gift for someone who is planning to visit one of the most famous Italian wine regions. Piedmont’s wine panorama is well known for its royalty and exclusivity, together with its excellence and centuries-old passion: these are all the right ingredients for a present that hits the mark. Let’s discover all the recommendations to buy a gift that leaves each recipient speechless (and that tickles their taste buds), in harmony with the festive environment.

Christmas presents 2022: a wine tasting among the most original gift ideas

Are you asking yourself which original Christmas present you could give your friends and family? A wine tasting could be the key to breaking the deadlock. A bottle of wine is, in itself, a great gift (and in this article, we have already listed all the tips to make a good impression with Christmas presents). However, if you really want to give a memorable present, a nice experience is what you should go for. For Christmas presents 2022, the winning path is choosing an activity to carry out outdoors, to make it an incentive to explore new areas and realities and that, at the same time, can help us rediscover pleasures as virtues. A trip to Piedmont and a wine tasting, perhaps matching a visit to a wine cellar, meets exactly this purpose: it is an original idea that adds to the taste of wine that of involvement and novelty. A well-rounded immersion in the most authentic oenological culture of Italy.

A Christmas gift for wine lovers who have everything

If you are wondering which present you could give to someone who has everything, we suggest you stick to this article. 

Giving a useful present to someone who we think does have no need nor desire or passion could be a true challenge. If we think of the many objects that can be covered with nice wrapping and ribbons, a wine-tasting experience is an original and ecologic alternative, which tells an ancient tale and at the same time sets a trend with the rediscovery of experiences against the traditional material present. For those who have everything, time is the best gift to taste something new: it is the ultimate act of love.

Gift experiences for a friend

For these holidays, among the gift experiences for a friend, a wine-tasting is a successful idea. Christmas is the perfect occasion for a present that communicates the wow-effect but also the idea of sharing – it is the desire to spend a relaxing time enjoying the pleasure of good wine. Especially if we intend to buy a non-materialistic gift, a trip out of town is a great solution for you and your friend. It can be an opportunity to visit a new place, spend time in contact with nature, taste a selection of the vast wine excellences of Piedmont, and spend weekend rediscovering a slow pace, linked to the pleasure of good and authentic things.

Christmas gift for a couple: why you should choose a wine tour

If we intend to give a nice present to a couple, a wine tour is one of the best experiences for Christmas. The beauty of this gift is precisely in the pleasure of sharing; wine in itself is a celebration of pleasures, it belongs to the sphere of exclusivity and passion. A visit to a winery is an opportunity to immerse oneself in a new environment and have a break from the daily grind, try new flavors and take a moment dedicated to our partner and to sharing a taste for good, refined things to be preserved and rediscovered.

Christmas gift ideas for a wine enthusiast

Here is a slightly more complicated situation: think of a sommelier, a wine expert or a connoisseur. Among the experiences for a wine enthusiast, a visit to a winery cannot be the wrong choice. The idea of spending a day between a tasting and a visit to the vineyard and the estate is surely a winner. We can choose a winery that the recipient of our gift is already familiar with or take the opportunity to introduce them to a new one; either way, it will be an opportunity to discover or learn more about what lies behind the much-loved labels. Wine production is full of details that an enthusiast will appreciate and recognize; a good connoisseur knows this well: inside each bottle there is not just 75 cl of wine, but a much broader story, a narrative that embraces territory and traditions, culture and the celebration of nuances of taste. It is a narrative to be experienced firsthand and that will surely be appreciated by every wine lover.

How to buy a wine-tasting gift?

Given that a wine tour is a versatile gift with great potential, how easy is it to gift a tasting? In practical terms, the best thing to do is to contact the winery or cellar directly and make arrangements for a tasting with a visit to the estate, which our recipient can experience alone or with someone (hopefully us, or someone else). Boroli offers several possibilities to spend a day in the Barolo lands tasting Langhe’s product of excellence.

Among these, we highlight the Barolo Vintage Tasting Experience, perfect as a 2022 Christmas present. It is a journey through territory and time, an experience that adds to the visit to the winery the tasting of five different vintages of Barolo DOCG, accompanied by a platter of local products. Find out all the details and book directly on our website this unique experience of sips, tastes, history and colors of the Langhe region.

How much does a wine tasting in the Langhe region cost

wine tour in Piedmont is also a versatile gift in terms of cost; it fits all budgets, from a simple tasting to more important experiences. How much does a wine tasting cost? It depends on the winery you choose and especially on the duration and what tastings and experiences are included. Prices range indicatively from as low as 30€ to 110€. The elements that most influence the cost are the quality and quantity of tastings and the level of depth of the expert-led tour.

Gift card for a wine tasting: the perfect idea for Christmas

wine-tasting gift card is a great idea to let the person we want to buy this present for have the freedom to choose the best date and arrange the wine tasting according to their needs. We can consider a well-thought-out experience or opt for an open Wine Experience voucher to best suit the recipient’s desires and tastes. In any case, choosing a wine tasting in Piedmont as a gift is a perfect idea for a Christmas that suggests the rediscovery of unique tastes and traditions, stories and nuances; it is the pleasure of sharing, to be experienced firsthand.


The Boroli cellars, located in Castiglione Falletto, are the perfect place to experience the magical territory of the Langhe through tasting experiences and to enjoy an unforgettable experience of discovery and great wine.

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